Top tips for revision!

It’s that time of the year again - mocks exams are looming after the winter break.  So the upcoming holiday will require some time spent on revision…But what is the best way to survive the rigours of revision and how do you make sure your child is making the best of their time? In this… Read More »

What are the education options at post 16?

Selecting the right education options at post 16 If your child is approaching 16, then you are going to faced with a key decision significantly impacting their future. Knowing which curriculum to take at post 16 could define which university choices they are able to study at a later date. So what are the options?… Read More »

My Post IB Results Experience

IB Results not what you had hoped for?  Rejected by your Universities? It is not the end of the world as one of our students finds out.  It can be time for a fresh perspective and a chance to explore different opportunities and securing a place for University is still a realistic expectation. Our team… Read More »