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Top tips for revision!

It’s that time of the year again - mocks exams are looming after the winter break.  So the upcoming holiday will require some time spent on revision…But what is the best way to survive the rigours of revision and how do you make sure your child is making the best of their time? In this… Read More »

Westminster School Profile

“Where history shapes inquisitive minds. Where inquisitive minds shape history” As one of the leading academic schools in the UK, Westminster School is steeped in history, academic rigor and liberal values. In this school profile, we shine the spotlight on their exceptional examination results and unparalleled entrance figures into the top universities. History Founded in… Read More »

Dubai College: School Profile

“A community of excellence at the heart of the city” Mike Lambert, Head of Dubai College   Dubai College is a Dubai ‘institution’. Established in 1978, it is one of the oldest and certainly one of the best known secondary schools in Dubai. In this Dubai school profile, we look at what makes Dubai College… Read More »

What are the education options at post 16?

Selecting the right education options at post 16 If your child is approaching 16, then you are going to faced with a key decision significantly impacting their future. Knowing which curriculum to take at post 16 could define which university choices they are able to study at a later date. So what are the options?… Read More »

British Boarding School at 16 – the final two years

Benefits of British Boarding School at 16 Sixth form can be an absolutely transformative time in a young person’s life. They’re settling into the person they’re going to be, working towards the toughest exams they’ve faced to date, and at the same time they are making vitally important decisions about their future that will affect… Read More »

Choosing a University

Gabbitas Education has worked with hundreds of students across the years when choosing a University and securing a place at the best Universities in the UK. Here are the top ten factors to consider when looking for a University.   Choosing a University: Top 10 things to think about 1. The Course – Pick a… Read More »