Advanced Holiday Courses

Advanced Holiday Courses

Advanced Holiday Courses can be a great way for students to explore life and higher education opportunities in the UK.

We have excellent connections with some of the top universities in the country and work with a small and carefully selected number in relation to their Advanced Holiday Courses including the summer term.

Each course is held on campus and is the ideal opportunity for students to enhance their existing educational experience, get a ‘taste’ for university life and meet other students that share similar interests in science, engineering, technology (STEM) and the arts.

Common Questions

  • What kind of courses can I study?
  • Will this kind of course help me get into a top university?
  • How do I apply?
We can help with all of this, and more!
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Loughborough University Case Study

Designed by university academics, the Aeronautical Engineering Summer Course at Loughborough University was set to challenge and inspire students like yourself – those accepted had to be advanced, disciplined and academically capable to complete the course. 12 lucky International students (from China, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Mongolia, Canada, Taiwan and Singapore) gained a place and at the beginning of July we met them from Heathrow Airport and accompanied them to the University.

Being met by Smallpeice Trust representatives (who were in charge of pastoral care), students were quickly introduced to their surroundings. 13 further British students joined to create a good integration of male and female, UK and international students. Over the period of one week they learnt about: flight mechanics; aircraft structures; jet propulsion; turbofan design and avionics. They experienced an aircraft simulator and conducted experiments in a wind tunnel lab. Various challenges were set with the incentive of ‘prizes’ for the best work.

During the evenings there were sporting and social activities to take part in: from a compulsory formal dinner to an awards event on the final day. This week long course was an excellent opportunity for students to experience British university life, form friendships with others from all over the word and enhance knowledge of a subject that they enjoy.