School Development

School Development

With multiple partners across the globe, Gabbitas is uniquely positioned to help organisations deliver the best education worldwide.

We have consulted on projects in the UAE, UK and further afield to help investors, companies, schools and senior management teams achieve success.

From feasibility studies to school modelling to ongoing school support, Gabbitas can advise on every stage of the project and provide ongoing school improvement support for new schools.

We work with a team of world-class advisers with the experience and expertise to identify the right opportunity, develop a sustainable business plan and ensure approval.


Feasibility Study (Non-Financial)

Are you an investor considering opening a school?

We can support you with thorough market research and full analysis of the feasibility of the project. From analysis of the macro-economic and micro-economic outlook, to identification of the target market and in-depth competitor analysis, we can support you at each stage and provide clear recommendations for the next steps.


School Modelling

Are you ready to examine whether a particular project is a viable investment?

We can support you to develop an in-depth school business plan and financial plan. We can help you investigate size, curriculum, staffing, and pupil roll and support you throughout the project to ensure an accurate forecast.


School Support

Are you concerned that the school won’t open on time or meet forecasted expectations?

To ensure the school can open on time and with the right staff, we can support you to make sure deadlines are met, assist you with your recruitment needs and help to secure the right partners. We can liaise with local licencing and education authorities, prepare accreditation materials and school support materials for operation ready for opening.

What Our Clients Say

I wanted to let you know that I have been in my new role for seven weeks and am really enjoying it. When you informed me about the position, I wasn't sure it was the right move for me, but I think you saw a good fit between me and the school. Since starting, I realised immediately that the role uses my skill set much more than my previous position, therefore, I'm more motivated and involved in my work. I love the team here and their work ethic, I'm completely driven every day and enjoying working towards a goal with a school that has a great mission and vision. Thank you so much for placing me in the perfect job!