School Entry in the Middle East

School Entry in the Middle East

With its dynamic and cosmopolitan environment, the Middle East is a truly exciting location for international education. But finding the best school for your child here is a complex task and Gabbitas Education are well positioned to help you make the right choice. The range and quality of schools varies hugely across the region, with the UAE alone offering over 18 different curriculums in over 500 International Schools.

Our experienced education consultants have a broad and personal knowledge of schools in the region and work closely with the admissions teams to ensure they have the most up to date information about availability of school places and admissions processes. We are experts in guiding parents to the right school for their child.

Common questions

  • Which school in Dubai is best for a really academic/sporty/musical child?
  • I am on the waiting list for this particular school – how likely is it that my child will get a place?
  • My child has special educational needs – which mainstream schools in the UAE are best-equipped?
  • How can I help my child learn Arabic?
  • How does a UAE British-curriculum school compare to a British prep school?
We can help with all of this, and more!
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What Our Clients Say

It is is a wonderful school! We are so grateful for your help in finding it. The children are settling in nicely.

Jay, Dubai