School & University Placements

School & University Placements

Searching for the perfect school or university? Gabbitas Education helps you to make confident choices about your child’s future.

The word ‘consultant’ is synonymous with expertise, and in a nutshell, that sums up what we do at Gabbitas Educational Consultants. We provide expertise and advice on all aspects of education. Expertise is built up slowly, over the course of a career, and our consultants’ experience span decades working in the field. Between us, there are few boarding schools in the UK that haven’t been visited, few Headmasters and Headmistresses of big schools who we haven’t met, even fewer schools in Dubai that are unknown quantities.

We help parents navigate their way through an unfamiliar educational landscape – whether here in the UAE, in the UK or even further afield – so that they can make confident choices about one of the most important decisions concerning their child’s future. We offer help and guidance every step of a child’s educational career, from choosing a nursery to working out which degree course a student might be well suited to.


Benefits of using Gabbitas Education

  1. We offer unbiased advice to choose the right pathways to support your child’s individual needs and aspirations.
  2. We maintain excellent relationships with the top independent schools all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East and have the most up to date information about availability of places and admissions processes.
  3. We have a comprehensive understanding of independent education, boarding schools and experience of working with all the leading schools.
  4. We take time to get to know your child and your family in order to choose the best school or university for them to reach their full potential.
  5. We work with companies in the region who can offer our services as part of a relocation package. For more information, see our Corporate Partnerships.

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What Our Clients Say

I am extremely happy with the level of service provided by Gabbitas. Schools were the highest priority for us but finding out which one would be the right one was an overwhelming task. It was really good to have this level of support.

Rosana, Dubai