Gabbitas Guidance for Parents

Gabbitas Guidance for Parents

Our mission at Gabbitas Educational Consultants is to provide expertise and advice on all aspects of education. Expertise is built up slowly, over the course of a career, and our consultants’ experience span decades of working in the field: between them, there are few boarding schools in the UK that we have not visited, few Headmasters and Headmistresses of well known schools who we haven’t met, even fewer schools in the UAE and the wider Gulf region that are unknown quantities. We help parents navigate their way through an unfamiliar educational landscape – whether here in the UAE, in the UK or even further afield – so that they can make confident choices about one of the most important decisions concerning their child’s future. We offer help and guidance for parents every step of a child’s educational career, from choosing a nursery to working out which degree course a student might be well suited to.

Every month, our experts at Gabbitas Education write articles answering some of the questions clients have asked us recently – anything from the benefits of Montessori nurseries, choosing the right school for a trilingual child to options for university if A-level results aren’t as good as hoped. Take a look at the different sections below, and feel free to contact us using the form provided if there are any other burning questions you might have.

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What Our Clients Say

I can't tell you how much we all appreciate your continued input and support.

Lisa, UAE