Why Choose the UK for University?

For students in the UAE, they have the opportunity to look going to Universities anywhere in the world.  We regularly work with students who want to continue their studies here in the UAE, or who are looking for opportunities in Australia or Malaysia or Europe.  But, the number one destination for most of our Gabbitas students is the UK, so why choose the UK?

who choose the UK

Top reasons why the UK remains such a popular choice:


  1. The UK has a long history of welcoming international students

Universities prize the diversity and multiple perspectives that a student from another country will add to the institution.  They are used to working with students from a wide range of different curriculums and to providing an inclusive and supportive environment to allow those students to really flourish both academically and personally.

  1. Many of the British Universities are globally ranked

Four of the top eight universities in the world are to be found in the UK. This means that students have access to some truly world class facilities whether that is in terms of teaching from top academics at the cutting edge of their field, research labs or sporting facilities.

  1. There is a huge range of choice

There are over 37,000 undergraduate courses on offer at more than 395 higher education institutions. The courses tend to be subject specific which means you can spend three to four years studying anything from Nuclear Physics at Imperial to Cartoon Animation at Canterbury Christchurch, from Horse Management at the Royal College of Agriculture to Management Science at Warwick.

  1. The universities are themselves so varied and different

Some of them are deeply rooted in history, Oxford with its ‘dreaming spires’ and St Andrew’s, the oldest university in Scotland was founded in 1413 and whilst these have continued to grow and innovate there are plenty of newer universities such as Oxford Brookes and Robert Gordon that offer modern facilities, sparkling glass buildings and state of the art lecture facilities.

  1. Geography plays a part too

Many students are attracted by the huge range universities located all over the UK, some in small towns others part of a big city. For some being in beautiful countryside in a dedicated campus with access to hill walking or surfing or other outdoor pursuits will be the ideal fit but for others they will want to be within easy reach of transport, an urban night life and part time work opportunities.

  1. The style of teaching

The style of teaching in British universities tends to revolve around a combination of big lecture hall delivery and small group seminars. So there are plenty of ways to access the learning and to work in smaller groups to collaborate on projects and ask questions from the experts.

  1. Internationally recognised

A UK degree is recognised and respected throughout the world which means students are well placed to be employed anywhere in the world. Many universities are focussed on making sure that students have the opportunity for a placement year in industry or a study abroad year to give their students additional experience that will prove useful for future employment.

British universities and colleges provide a multicultural, diverse, creative, and innovative environment and provide international students with a chance to transform their lives, their communities and their countries.

For more information about the benefits of UK universities and finding the right course for you, get in touch today.