What is an Education Consultant?

Gabbitas Education is an Educational Consultancy, but what does an educational consultancy actually do? And how can an education consultant help your family find the right school?

education consultant
education consultant

The role of an Education Consultant

If you think about the word ‘consultant’, all sorts of images might spring to mind. A senior doctor in a hospital, perhaps, the ones who always look incredibly busy. Or you might think about management consultants, those white-collar professionals who pore over spreadsheets and come in to large companies to fix problems and offer sage advice.

Essentially, the word ‘consultant’ is synonymous with expertise, and in a nutshell, that sums up what we do at Gabbitas Educational Consultants: we provide expertise and advice on all aspects of education.

Expertise is built up slowly, over the course of a career, and our consultants’ experience span decades working in the field: between them, there are few boarding schools in the UK that haven’t been visited, few Headmasters and Headmistresses of big schools who we haven’t met, even fewer schools in Dubai that are unknown quantities.

We help parents navigate their way through an unfamiliar educational landscape – whether here in the UAE, in the UK or even further afield – so that they can make confident choices about one of the most important decisions concerning their child’s future.

We offer help and guidance every step of a child’s educational career, from choosing a nursery to working out which degree course a student might be well suited to.


Building networks and connecting people

But advice and guidance can only take people so far. As any successful entrepreneur knows, networks of contacts and support are absolutely invaluable, especially if you’re living and working in a region that isn’t your original home.

Our Dubai Gabbitas office, nestled inconspicuously in one of the high-rises of JLT, also acts as a kind of highly-bespoke LinkedIn for educational professionals and investors throughout the region.

There are so many different kinds of people involved in the education world, and their paths don’t necessarily cross often.

Teachers will know other teachers but may not meet many education policy makers, statisticians specializing in surveys rating parental satisfaction in schools, or philanthropists wanting to invest in a new school.

Psychologists working on improving emotional wellbeing in young people may want to get to know school counselors and learning support teachers as well as government officials focusing on youth wellbeing, but may well not know where to start.

This is where Gabbitas steps in.


How we can help you

We’re a small team and have all seen first-hand how a good teacher or an excellent school has the power to absolutely transform one’s life. We’re tremendously excited about many of the first-class schools and cutting-edge projects being developed in the region, and we are driven by our belief in the region’s potential.

We make it our duty to connect with, get to know and support as many professionals involved in the world of education in the region as possible. We’re then well positioned to be able to make helpful introductions and connect people who have common aims and might be able to help each other.

Here are some examples of the kind of questions we answer and work on with clients every day:


Questions from parents:


Questions from HR teams in large companies:

  • We’ve hired someone who is moving over in three months with her husband and three children. Can you get the three children into a school as good as their current one in London to start next term?
  • We’ve offered a job to someone who is hesitating because of the worries of relocating their children to Dubai. Could you talk to them about the education options here?


Questions from educators or investors:

  • I am a philanthropist and entrepreneur, and would like to set up a chain of state-of-the-art schools for children with special educational needs in the UAE. Can you help me get the project going?
  • Our well-established school would like to focus on improving our provision for Arabic and English for non-native speakers. Can you help
  • We are opening the Abu Dhabi campus of our well-known British school and need guidance.
  • I am an investor looking for a worthwhile, profitable and expertly-managed project to invest in. Do you have any suggestions?


If you’re a parent, business, school, educator or investor wanting to solve a challenge you face with regards to education, drop us an email and we’d be delighted to have a chat to see if we can help.