UCAS Deadlines: The clock is ticking…

The UCAS deadlines are coming in thick and fast – Oct 1st for Conservatoire entry has been and gone and now the big one, 15th October, the deadline for applications for all prospective students wanting to study Medicine, Veterinary Science or Dentistry and for anyone considering Oxford or Cambridge.

So with only days to go what should be your priorities now?

ucas deadline
  1. Entry requirements

Check you have the grades and predictions to meet the entry requirements. All of the courses with a 15th October deadline are hugely competitive and will be looking for top grades.


  1. Subject combinations

Make sure your subject combinations fit the degree you are applying for – if you are looking at studying Medicine then most universities will require you to have Chemistry in your mix of exam subjects. History at Cambridge? Some Colleges will require you to have studied it at A Level or IB.


  1. Additional tests

Many of the degrees with the early deadline require you to take some additional tests, for example UKCAT and BMAT for Medicine and Dentistry. Oxford and Cambridge also require additional information in the form of written work and tests such as the TSA or HAT.  Be sure you are aware of these extra requirements and are registered for any additional tests by the deadlines.


  1. Work experience

For vocational courses such as Medicine and Veterinary there is an expectation that you will have completed some relevant work experience. If you have not been able to do this then think of other experiences you have that can demonstrate the qualities the admissions tutor is looking for.


  1. The Personal Statement

Apart from your exam results/predictions, this is probably the most important part of the UCAS application – the only opportunity to tell the Admissions tutor why you would be the perfect student on their course. Think of it as a mini essay on why you want to study….. you are trying to explain to them WHY you want to take this path and WHAT will make you good at it……. All in 4,000 characters including spaces.


  1. Choose your universities carefully

Make sure you have a balanced list with a combination of reach Universities and ones in the comfort zone. As you can only apply for 4 universities for Medicine, Veterinary and Dentistry, your 5th choice will need to be an allied subject such as Biomedicine or Biotechnology, Biovet.  Make sure you have researched this choice carefully as it may well end up being your most secure option.


  1. Give your teachers time

Be sure your teachers know that you are applying for one of these courses so they have plenty of time to write your reference. Get your application into school well ahead of the deadline so they have time to upload the teacher reference before sending it off.


  1. Don’t miss the deadline

If your application is not uploaded into the UCAS system by 6pm on 15th October then you will have missed applying for this academic year and will have to wait until the 2020 cycle.

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