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Accountants are responsible for overseeing and analyzing a company’s or individual’s financial accounts. By studying accountancy at university you will learn how to measure, process, analyse and report financial information. It can be a stimulating and secure career choice for those with a good head for numbers, an interest in business and excellent attention to detail.

In this blog we look at what you can expect by studying accountancy at university and your career prospects after university. Interesting fact – 75% of FTSE 100 companies have a qualified accountant on their board.

studying accountancy

Course Content

As accountancy is an interdisciplinary profession, it often comes as a dual honours route at university. This means it can be a really flexible course where you can combine it with another business discipline, a language or anything else that interests you.

In your first year you will gain a strong foundation in the overall function of an accountant and be introduced to key areas within accounting business and finance.

Many courses will offer a year in industry as part of the degree which is a great opportunity to not only gain real life experience but many students often graduate with a job in the pipeline as a result. Read more about the benefits of a ‘year in the field’ here.

As you move through the degree you will gain access to more specialised content and there is the opportunity to choose from which accounting topics interest you most. More advanced topics can include financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, taxation and forensic accounting.

Many accountancy degrees will offer exemptions from professional exams once a student has graduated and some degrees such as the Flying Start programme integrate work experience and a degree qualification at the same time.

Career Prospects

By studying accounting at university you will leave with healthy job prospects. Most graduates are professional employed within the 6 months of graduating. Accountancy is a great platform to use as a launching pad into a number of careers, as the transferable skill set is highly regarded in terms of facility with numbers, logical thinking, attention to detail and a strong understanding about how a business functions.

Many top employers have graduates schemes in the field including PwC and KPMG.

By studying accounting you can work in any industry so it will certainly open doors for you.


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studying accountancy career prospects

Top UK Universities

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Entry requirements

Studying Mathematics is essential and Physics and Economics is often favourable. Typical grades requirements are AAA-BBB

Universities are looking for students who are good with numbers, organised, intelligent thinkers and with high attention to detail.


Home status – £9250

International students – £14,050 – £18,400

Other routes

University isn’t the only option for those wishing to become accountants. There is the option for one year diplomas or even the ICAEW chartered accountancy qualification whilst learning on the job.

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