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Situated in the heart of Derbyshire, Repton School sits comfortably among the top co-ed boarding schools for its academic performance and is known for developing a ‘well-rounded’ child. In this profile, we look at what makes this school special.

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Repton School was initially funded by a bequest from Sir John Port in 1557; a grammar school was established with the proviso that prayers were said daily for his family’s souls – quite the request!

Built on the site of Repton Priory, architectural features from the original building such as the Repton Arch nestle in amongst the school.  The way the buildings are spread across the village makes it very much a part of local life. New buildings have been added over the years including a stunning modern science block and a great performing arts centre.

The school first began to educate girls since the 1970s and went fully co-ed in 1991.  There are around 660 pupils (13-18), of which two thirds are boarders.

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School Ethos

“Repton stands for its Values and provides an education that is rooted in and prepares for the Real World and keeps in mind Heritage, both the one it benefits from and the one it leaves for the next generation”

Repton has remained firm to its traditional Christian values and is centred on four key values:


  1. Wholeness:

Repton embraces wholeness as a key value, both for the individual and the institution. It offers a broad and balanced curriculum alongside sporting, cultural, community and social opportunities. All of which help to develop individuals who succeed in moral, intellectual, social and physical endeavours.


  1. Truth:

Repton School prides itself on developing a life-long love of learning and inspiring intellectual self-confidence in their students. The staff appreciate that the ability to learn new things in a rapidly changing world, is central in this day and age.


  1. Excellence:

Every student at Repton School is encouraged to push beyond their boundaries and to aspire to achieve excellence in everything they try. Pupils are taught to draw out the best from themselves and from each other and to recognize success in different shapes and forms. From their rigorous programme for Scholars, to their long history of sporting achievement, it doesn’t matter what your talent looks like, it will be supported at Repton.


  1. Respect:

Drawing on its Christian ethos, mutual respect amongst pupils and staff is non-negotiable at Repton. It makes for a stimulating environment where there is a deep regard for each other and a friendly, homely atmosphere.

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At Repton the House is key.  Each of the 10 boarding houses have a very distinct feel to it and if you are visiting it is good to see two or three to identify the best fit for your child.

Meals, laundry, matron all happen in House, making it very much a home from home.  The strong community spirit is further fostered by inter house competitions from everything from singing to Suduko!

Run as a full boarding school with a 24/7 approach, there are lessons and sports fixtures on Saturdays and plenty of social activities on offer at the weekends. Expect a jam-packed timetable!


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Repton has a strong reputation as a leading co-ed boarding school for academics. Results are strong and consistent:

  • A Levels (2017): 47% A* or A and 19% A*
  • GCSEs (2017): 58% A* or A (equivalent 9/7)

Pupils are streamed upon arrival (reviewed annually) and each pupil is encouraged to develop his or her potential to a maximum.

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Extra Curricular

Since Repton is focused on supporting excellence of the whole child, it is no surprise that extra curricular activities are encouraged here. Each child is encouraged to find at least one passion and to pursue excellence in this area.

There are various sports on offer but Repton is very much a hockey school (with all-weather pitches so good that the GB men’s team trained there). As one of the founding schools of the game of football, the school has a long tradition of success in the game and regularly reaches the finals of the English Schools Cup. There are 12 football pitches which are used all through the year and often host Derby County junior players. There is also a strong legacy on the cricket front with over 150 former pupils who have gone on to play first class cricket with three England Captains!

Music and drama are also well catered for. The school has impressive facilities and regular visiting performances and workshops to ensure that students are stimulated. There is also a stunning art school and pupils’ art is regularly exhibited in the local gallery.

CCF has a particularly distinguished reputation at Repton, as does DoE and Community Service. This is something the Head, Mr Land, places high importance on.

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Famous alumni

  • Roald Dahl
  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • Vernon Watkins
  • Harold Abrahams CBE
  • Bunny Austin


What makes the school special?

  • Friendly, supportive atmosphere where teachers really know the children
  • Traditional house system with a secure, stable and ‘family’ environment
  • International footprint with schools in UAE, Jordan and plans in development Oman, India and China
  • Safe rural location
  • Strong sporting reputation – a definite for a hockey or football player boy or girl
repton school CCF

Entrance Information

Around half join from Repton’s nearby Prep, Foremarke Hall and a Common Entrance score of about 50 is required.

Around 30 pupils come for Sixth Form, 5 GCSEs at B or above are required.


  • £34,707 boarders
  • £25,746 day

Scholarships are available for drama, sport, art, music, academic capacity and ‘all rounder talent’.