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“We believe there is no limit to what your child can achieve”

Part of being in the worldwide Nord Anglia family is being committed to the shared statement ‘Be Ambitious’. Expectations at Nord Anglia International School Dubai (NAS Dubai) are no different. In this blog, we look at how high-class learning is supported by global educational partnerships adding value for all students and staff at NAS Dubai.

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Nord Anglia International School Dubai


Founded in 1972, Nord Anglia Education schools are located in North America, Middle East, Asia and Europe. The schools are home to 37,000 students between the ages of 2 and 18. Nord Anglia schools across the globe follow the British Curriculum adapted to suit the needs of each different region. In some countries they offer the International Baccalaureate, IGCSEs and in others, A Levels, the French Baccalaureate and the Swiss Maturité. So, a very diverse group of schools to say the least!

Nord Anglia International School Dubai, opened in September 2014 as a British curriculum school  culminating in the IBDP at 6th Form, catering to the internationally diverse population of Dubai.


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School Ethos

Walking through the doors of the light airy entrance, the inclusive ethos and happy community is immediately apparent. As you walk round the school, you really feel the learning “buzz” across the campus, helped by the fact that everything you see has been written in at least 3 languages!

The reception features their slogan ‘Be Ambitious’ in English, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, German and French and those were just the ones that we recognized. This emphasis on languages reaffirms how accessing wider global opportunities are at the core of the NAS ethos.

The enhanced language curriculum compliments this, students can study Mandarin, French, German, Spanish & Arabic all taught by native speakers and all students can access to the ‘Global Classroom’.

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The Global Classroom

Global Classroom is unique to Nord Anglia schools and allows students to connect with their peers from across the world. It is designed to create opportunities to work together and inspire innovation and collaboration across the globe and develop their critical and creative thinking skills in partnership with their global peer group.   Students comment that it gives them confidence to gain a truly global outlook and helps them to form their own opinions and encourages them to confidently express these views.


NAS boasts some excellent facilities with a state-of-the-art auditorium, art studios, fully sprung dance studios, great sports facilities and, as you would expect in a schools with such a strong focus on languages – excellent language labs. There is even one whole room devoted to technology and Lego!


With relatively small class sizes at a maximum of 20 from Year 1 up, there is an ability for small group focused teaching and good differentiation between the pupils.

Of the first cohort of IGCSE students In 2017, 71% of students achieved A*-A in their I/GCSEs. Across the group an incredible 25% of Nord Anglia IB Diploma students from among its 31 schools achieve 40 points or above, compared with a global average of 5-6%.

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Extra Curricular

The learning does not stop in the classroom at NAS.  Co-curricular activities before and after school form a key part of the school’s ‘whole child’ approach.

There is a full programme of extra-curricular activities including, public speaking, robotics, chess, photography, a range of STEAM opportunities tying in with the NAS links with MIT and a full range of sports.

In addition, NAS has teamed up with the Julliard’s Performing Arts School, once of the best regarded music conservatoires based in New York.  The programme is initially focused on music but will develop to include drama and dance.

The school also enhance the curriculum with the Behaviour and Social Graces (BSG) Programme which ensures that all children are helped to develop and understand the role of social etiquette and respect.

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What makes the school special?

  • Opportunity to be part of a worldwide family of schools
  • Access to their ‘Global Classroom’ and international connections
  • Exceptional language teaching by native speakers
  • Partnerships with Julliard and MIT
  • Focus on manners and building respect amongst pupils

Entrance Information

Students are accepted based on academic potential as well as their manners and character. Your child will be required to sit an onsite or remote assessment depending on their age. For students joining in Year 7 or Year 9, there is a required entrance exam and for Year 10 an additional interview. There is a 525 AED non-refundable application fee.


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Fees per year: 62,160 – 94,000 AED

Scholarships are available for the IB Diploma Programme:

  • Two scholarships with a 50% reduction in annual school fees
  • Five scholarships with a 20% reduction in annual school fees

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