How to make the most of a University Open Day

If you are currently in year 12 and thinking about going to University in the UK, then this is the summer for Open Days! But before you head off to visit your shortlist of places, you need to think about how to get the most out of the day. These are some of the things you should be asking about….

University Open Day


  • Finding out about the course should be top of your priority list – an open day may be an opportunity to meet with the admissions tutor who will be reviewing your UCAS application in October.
  • Ask questions about what grades you need, and how flexible the offer is and what other criteria they may include in the UCAS tariff.
  • Find out how they select the candidates that they make offers to and ask if an interview is part of the selection criteria.
  • Find out how many contact hours you will have on the degree course both for lectures and smaller seminar groups and make sure you understand what is involved in the course, what choices of modules you will have and how the course is assessed.
  • Discuss the employment prospects from the course and ask what jobs previous students have gone on to do.


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  • What careers guidance does the University offer and is there a careers department to help to arrange industry placements and internships.
  • Make sure you can have a look at a University Hall of residence and ask whether a place in Halls is guaranteed and whether you have to rent for a whole year or term time only.
  • Talk to the student ambassadors to get a real life view on the university, which are the best halls of residence, what are the different courses like, what is it like to live in the university campus of town.
  • Find out about what happens outside of the lecture theatre, what is on offer in terms of societies, sports and opportunities to develop you employment skills.
  • Most of all enjoy the day, get as much information as you can and see if you picture yourself studying and living there.

An open day should inspire you to want to go and study at the University – by visiting your short listed chioces this summer you will not only have made your UCAS application much easier for the October but hopefully you will be motivated to work really hard in your final year to achieve a place at the University of your dreams.

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