Preparing for the ISEB Pre-Test

iseb pre-test

At Gabbitas, we know how daunting the ISEB Pre-Test can be for parents and children alike. The impossibility of accessing any previous tests encourages us to think that the contents of the examination are essentially unknown and that, therefore, we cannot prepare our children for the test. However, this is not the case.

The information which is available shows us that there are 4 separate sections to the computerised test: English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Although it is true that the test will be assessing your child’s general ability in all of these areas, there are many resources which can help them to practise in advance, in order for them to demonstrate their true potential when it comes to the day of the assessment. Additionally, there are a huge number of techniques, tips and tricks which your child can also make use of to ensure that they achieve their best result.

In light of all of this, Gabbitas have prepared a Pre-Test Preparation package, which consists of 10 targeted preparation sessions to help your child to be fully equipped for the Pre-Test. During these sessions, the Gabbitas advisors will target each specific area of the test and break down the types of questions which your child is likely to encounter. For each type of question, your child will be given reliable techniques which they can call upon to ensure that they answer as many questions correctly as possible.

Crucially, the test is computerised and timed and these two factors can sometimes lead to children not achieving as they should. As part of the Gabbitas package, your child will receive access to a fantastic website which allows them to spend a lot of time practising each different type of question. Not only will this give them vital practise at answering these questions in a timed environment on the computer, but it also allows them to identify the areas which they need to specifically focus on, and allows us to structure their revision accordingly.

Through this package, we intend to ensure that your child is confident, comfortable and as prepared as can be for the Pre-Test, so that they can gain entry into the school which is right for them. Please get in touch to find out more.