Relocating to the UAE: New School, New Country

relocating to the UAE

If you’re relocating your whole family the other side of the world, it’s natural to feel nervous about a whole host of things. And if you’ve got school age children, their education is likely to be high up on that list. Below we look at some of the key benefits your child can access from an international education.

Relocating to the UAE: Ten benefits your child can get from an international education

  1. A Global Outlook – in an increasingly globalised world what better opportunity to understand and work with fellow students from many different countries and cultures? Many schools have over 100 nationalities in their pupil body – great for making friends who will be spread across the world in years to come. Think of the holidays!
  2. Choice of Curriculum – International schools offer a much broader range of curriculum choices: IB, A-levels, SATs… In the UAE there are over 17 curriculum on offer, giving families a chance to make educational choices they may not have access to in their home countries.
  3. Globally Recognised Qualifications – IGCSEs, A Levels and the IB Diploma are offered by many International schools and results from all of these externally moderated exams are highly valued by universities and employers across the world.
  4. Languages – In the UAE, every child has the opportunity to learn Arabic. Some schools and nurseries have special bilingual or even trilingual streams, too. Arguably, proficiency in extra languages is more useful for future employment than exam results.
  5. State of the Art Facilities – with so many new international schools being new builds, there is the opportunity to have the latest technology, and the most up-to date art, science and performing art facilities and classrooms that are ‘wired for sound’!
  6. Creativity and confidence – students in an international environment they have to learn to be flexible and adaptable. When they start at a new school, they quickly learn to make friends and gain confidence from each new environment.
  7. Teaching Staff –the attraction of teaching abroad is bringing some highly talented and ambitious teachers into international education. They love working with children who want to learn.
  8. A combination of the familiar and the unknown – for many families International schools offer a similar learning experience as their home country but in a very different environment, which can be a very enriching experience.
  9. Choice – far from being a one size fits all education , in the international environment families have lots of choice between different schools. They can pick their location, select the best curriculum for their child and compare the different facilities on offer.
  10. Independent Learners – research shows that children who have been educated in an international environment have better soft skills such as time management, critical analysis and are better independent learners.  All of which gives international students the edge when it comes to the workplace.

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