Dubai College: School Profile

“A community of excellence at the heart of the city”

Mike Lambert, Head of Dubai College

dubai college best school in dubai


Dubai College is a Dubai ‘institution’. Established in 1978, it is one of the oldest and certainly one of the best known secondary schools in Dubai.

In this Dubai school profile, we look at what makes Dubai College so special.

School Profile: Dubai College – Entrance Information

Regarded as the best British school in Dubai and arguably one of the best British curriculum schools in the world, Dubai College has a reputation for consistently delivering strong academic results.

For many a Dubai parent it is the ultimate goal for their child to secure a place at the school.  It is highly competitive and massively oversubscribed, this year over 500 applicants applied for 160 places in Year 7, up from 140 places last year.

Every child who applies sits the same entrance exam on the same day in November.  The test consists of a cognitive ability test plus and English and a Maths assessment.

Although Year 7 is the most common entry point there are occasionally spaces available in Year 9 and there are often opportunities to start in Year 12 at the beginning of the A Level course.

Year 12 entry is based on an interview with the Head of the Sixth Form and requirement of a minimum of five B grades at GCSE (including Maths and English).

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School Profile: Dubai College – School Ethos

Michael Lambert, the Head, is proud of the fact that Dubai College has been designated Outstanding by the KHDA for the past six years, but he is keen to make sure that the school is known for much more than just academic success.

He wants to ensure that students are given the opportunity to thrive in all areas of education, and the curriculum is centred on the four foundations of the College – academic, sporting, creative and philanthropic.

Dubai College is a ‘not-for-profit’ school, whilst this doesn’t mean the fees are any cheaper, it does ensure that the profit is reinvested back into the school and also means they can afford to attract top quality staff, who stay!

Whilst the day to day running of the school is in the hands the Head, he in turn is accountable to a board of governors who oversee the finances, standards and strategy.

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 “A tradition of quality in education”

School Motto


Academic Success

The College offers the British Curriculum culminating in GCSE and A Level exams. In terms of results the students are consistently in the top league.

In 2017, A Level results saw students achieve 58% A*-A. This was slightly down year on year (66% in 2016) but when you look at A*-B (88%) the results are still incredibly impressive.

In terms of GCSE results, this year 84% of students achieved the new 9-7 grades (equivalent of A*-A in the old format) an increase on 2016, when 82% achieved A*-A.

Statistics such as these would comfortably place the school towards the top of the School League Tables in the UK.

Not surprisingly, with results like these, the majority of students head for top UK and US Universities.  Five DC students took up their places at Oxford and Cambridge this academic year.

dubai college academic success


Supporting the strong academics is a focus on the creative side of the curriculum.  Investment in this area means the facilities to support creative activities at Dubai College are second-to-none.

Students have access to a music centre with a recording studio, a specialised art department, three design and technology workshops and a 950 seat performance auditorium.

There is a full programme for extra-curricular music available to students which amount to about 30 activities a week and around 30 concerts and recitals annually.

All students in Year 7 are given an opportunity to learn a musical instrument for free, to give them a chance to experiment and find out what suits them and to be a part of the school band or orchestra.

The Music department is supported by a strong Drama department which regularly puts on plays and musical. Look out for the upcoming production of Guys and Dolls in February 2018!

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Giving back and supporting charities worldwide is at the core of Dubai College. Students regularly produce charity concerts and run fundraising days for events such as World Food Day or the Shoe Box Appeal.

Students are also given the opportunity to travel abroad to support their philanthropic activities such as the recent Harmony House Trip where students traveled to India to teach students how to be in a choir.

dubai college world food day


Competitive sport is taken very seriously and is right at the heart of the College. All the core sports are offered including Rugby, Football, Cricket, Netball and Athletics, which take place on state-of-the-art facilities and pitches.

The College regularly competes in annual competitions such as the BSME Games and COBIS events.

Rugby is particularly strong at Dubai College and they host the annual Rugby 7’s competition and Rugby 10’s for schools from all over the UAE and Persian Gulf. The team also participates in the Gulf Under 18 Men section of the Dubai Sevens each year.

rugby at Dubai College Dubai

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What makes the school special?

  • Tradition of excellence and outstanding quality of education
  • Clear sense of pride among school community, students (past and present) and staff are proud to be part of Dubai College
  • Excellent range of enrichment programme include thriving sports and music programmes
  • Strong leadership with clear and ambitious vision for the future
  • Impressive destination data for school leavers


Years 7-11: AED 26,936 per term payable in advance.

Years 12-13: AED 30,501 per term payable in advance.

For more information, take a look at the Dubai College website.

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