Best UK Boarding Schools

Finding, choosing and applying to the most sought-after British boarding schools can be a complex, competitive and overwhelming process with countless factors to consider and deadlines to meet.

This can be heightened when your family is currently living abroad and you are looking to send your child to the UK as an international student.

At Gabbitas Education, our knowledgeable and experienced team provides a highly personalised, friendly service with professional guidance and support throughout this journey.

best UK boarding schools

How we can help

  • The whole process is managed from start to finish, saving you time and ensuring your child finds the boarding school for them.
  • Expert discussion of your requirements and aspirations to produce a tailored proposal and action plan.
  • Coordination of the whole registration process at your preferred boarding schools and management of assessments or visits.
  • Opportunity to benchmark your child against their UK peers using the UKiset test and to ease the admissions process.
  • An accompanied visit to each school to add professional value and ensure each visit is a positive experience.
  • Sourcing, vetting and securing appropriate boarding schools guardianship families in the UK.

British Boarding School Articles

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The Best British Boarding Schools

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British Boarding School Profiles

best UK boarding schools king's school canterburyThe King’s School Canterbury

One of the country’s leading co-ed boarding schools, located in the beautiful surroundings of Canterbury Cathedral.



best UK boarding schools Harrow School

Harrow School

As one of the few last remaining all boys’ boarding schools in the country and steeped in over 400 years of history.



best UK boarding schools westminster schoolWestminster School

As one of the leading academic schools in the UK, Westminster School is steeped in history, academic rigor and liberal values.



best UK boarding schools CharterhouseCharterhouse School

Charterhouse’s reputation for academic excellence appeals to those with intellectual aspirations.

best UK boarding schools sevenoaksSevenoaks School

Sevenoaks is best known as the top performing IB school in the UK and is set in a 100 acre campus in the Kent countryside.



best UK boarding schools eastbourne collegeEastbourne College

The four pillars for an Eastbourne pupil are Excellence, Participation, Integrity and Kindness.



best UK boarding schools Eton college


Eton College

Eton College is the byword for all that is held to be excellent in British education.



best uk boarding schools rugby school

Rugby School

Located right at the heart of England, Rugby is comfortable making the claim that it is truly an international school.


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Gabbitas British Boarding School Search: Case Study

best UK boarding schools case studyRead our recent case study of how we helped the Al Khaifi family find the right boarding school in the UK for their son Joud.





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