Applying to University: It’s not too late!

With the 15th January deadline inching closer and the winter holidays about to begin; it might seem that it is too late to apply to UK universities for 2019 entry. But that isn’t the case!

applying to university

Our 5 steps to help you ensure you get your application in on time:

  1. Research your course


With over 50,000 degrees offered in the UK, knowing what course to pick can be overwhelming. Do you go for a passion or pragmatism? Have you thought about what qualifications are required to study that course? What is the level of competition? What is the career pathway post university? The key thing is to pick the course that suits you.

One of the tools that our education advisers at Gabbitas find very valuable in this situation is an online Student Profiling Assessment, which matches your strengths and interests with 5 or 6 potential degree paths. A great place to start to find the course that suits you.

  1. Research potential universities


Furthermore, with over 360 Higher Education institutions in the UK, knowing where to study can be just as challenging. Do you pick an urban university like UCL or more rural campus like Warwick? Do you go for a traditional university like Edinburgh or more modern like Canterbury Christ Church? Finding the right fit for you is crucial as you’ll not only be studying but living here for at least 3 years.

  1. Perfect your personal statement


With a maximum of 47 lines and 4,000 characters, you really don’t have many words to sell yourself and why you want to study that course. You can only write one personal statement and it will be read by all the universities you’re applying to, so it is vital you get it right. Read our top tips for perfecting your personal statement here.

  1. Get your tutor reference


Your UCAS form includes a reference from your teacher or tutor. With the holidays fast approaching, make sure you get this from them in time!

  1. Submit your application


Once you’ve decided on your 5 choices, make sure you get your application in on time! Remember, the UCAS deadline is 15th January at 18:00 UK time. Get organised and submit your application and wait to receive your offers!

For advice and guidance on getting your application in on time, get in touch today.