A-Level Results, the good, the bad, and the ugly – What to do when they don’t go your way…

The long awaited moment…

A-Level results – You’ve been waiting for this moment for weeks, and whether you find out your results by checking on UCAS, an e-mail from your school, or gathering at the school gates, the all important results are now in your hands.

A-Level Results
A-Level Results

Dealing with the news of your A-Level results

Hopefully your  A Level results will be a cause for great celebration, you will have met or exceeded your expectations, and you can look forward to the next chapter of your life with excitement! However, you may be shocked to not receive the results you hoped for.  Now is a good time to revisit UCAS terminology, and be clear on your options.  If you have missed out on your University place, you will need to act quickly, check your re-marking options and appeal to the university. However, if these options do not bring the desired outcome, then you may choose to start scanning the Clearing vacancies often driven by a mounting sense of anxiety, frustration and disappointment.

Don’t panic. Don’t  make a rash decision.  Come and speak to one of our experienced Education Consultants to help guide you through the best available options. Mail us now

Taking a new perspective

Hard as it is, students and parents should take a fresh, objective look at where their future is going.  Exam disappointment might reflect on a number of things. It may have been a failure to work hard enough, but may also have been a case of unrealistic expectations, or unsuitable subject choice. Is the course chosen really the best option for the student? Would an alternative option suit better?  Unrealistic grade predictions can mean that the student would in fact flourish at an institution with less demanding entry standards.

The number of students accepted in Clearing has increased dramatically in recent years and now even some of the most prestigious Universities are featured.  Vacancies in Clearing often reflects the popularity of courses, rather than any significant difference in quality of course.  However, the process of Clearing can be daunting, particularly for an Ex-Pat family along way from the UK.  At  Gabbitas Education, our consultants know every step involved, and are ready to walk you and your child through the process.

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A-Level Results
A-Level Results Options

Other options

There are alternatives to Clearing and now is a good time for you to take stock of the other options such as retakes, many excellent tutorial colleges offer opportunities to resit modules. Or reapplying to University , this offers the chance for greater reflection on the choice of course, and applying with actual, rather than predicted grades can often be more straightforward. Most universities will look favourably on reapplications, although offers may be more demanding if a student is repeating A-Level examinations. For example, Trinity College, Cambridge does not recommend a reapplication unless a candidate has achieved at least two A* grades, despite their standard A*AA offer.

Trading up with your A Level Results

What happens if you have exceeded your original offer, Adjustment, a chance to trade up, is another option. Although the numbers of people who are doing this are small, they are increasing. Very competitive places are unlikely to enter Adjustment and a reapplication may well be more suitable. Though in all these cases, careful consideration of the varying options should be undertaken and it is often best for the student to talk to an experience adviser, such as Gabbitas Education to calmly explore these.

Speak to an Expert

The outcomes of A-Level results day can be confusing and anxious for both students and their families. We are on hand to offer expert advice on the best course of action for your child, book a consultation at our JLT office to help with the next steps.