Corporate Services & Recruitment

Corporate Services and Recruitment

Recruitment, Consultancy and Partnerships

With multiple partners around the globe, we can help your organisation deliver the best in education worldwide. From supporting your recruitment needs to improving your inspection ratings, consulting on new build projects to building a school from scratch, we will partner with you and give you as much guidance and support as you need.

As any successful entrepreneur knows, networks of contacts and support are absolutely invaluable, especially if you’re living and working in a region that isn’t your original home.  Our Dubai Gabbitas Education office, nestled inconspicuously in one of the high-rises of JLT, also acts as a kind of highly-bespoke LinkedIn for educational professionals and investors throughout the region. There are so many different kinds of people involved in the education world, and their paths don’t necessarily cross often. Teachers will know other teachers but may not meet many education policy makers, statisticians specializing in surveys rating parental satisfaction in schools, or philanthropists wanting to invest in a new school. Psychologists working on improving emotional wellbeing in young people may want to get to know school counselors and learning support teachers as well as government officials focusing on youth wellbeing, but may well not know where to start.

We have all seen first-hand how a good teacher or an excellent school has the power to absolutely transform one’s life. We’re tremendously excited about many of the first-class schools and cutting-edge projects being developed in the region, and we are driven by our belief in the region’s potential. We make it our duty to connect with, get to know and support as many professionals involved in the world of education in the region as possible. We’re then well positioned to be able to make helpful introductions and connect people who have common aims and might be able to help each other.

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