Helping your Child Thrive

Universities Uncovered 2018

Gabbitas Education along with Hale Education will be hosting a FREE seminar on: Wednesday 2nd May 6.00pm – 8.00pm Truffle Room, 4th Floor, Sheraton Hotel, Mall of the Emirates The seminar and Q & A will focus on US and UK universities and navigating the admissions process. This would be valuable for any pupils and parents,… Read More »

Top tips for revision!

It’s that time of the year again - exams are looming whether they be Common Entrance, GCSEs, A Levels or IB.  So the upcoming spring break looks like it will be dedicated to revision…But what is the best way to survive the rigours of revision and how do you make sure your child is making… Read More »

Le Régent Crans Montana College

Looking through the large picture windows of the light and airy dining room at Le Régent Crans Montana College, over a perfectly lit snow scene, it is not hard to understand why Swiss schools have long been held up as the perfect places to be educated. A stunning location and all that fresh mountain air… Read More »

Common career fears

Graduation season nears. Excitement is beginning to fill the air. Students are beginning to plan their proms, pick out dresses and arrange transport. Schools are beginning to order caps and gowns and arrange the ceremony. Students in their penultimate year look on with a slight air of jealousy. The buzz gets louder and louder every… Read More »

UKiset Benefits: Where does your child fit in relation to their UK peers?

Are you concerned about where your child fits academically compared to their UK peers? We share how UKiset can help you find out where they fit on an international level. As a parent of a child at school in the Middle East, it can be a challenge to know where your child fits when comparing… Read More »

Finding the right school in the UK

Haifa Al Khaifi approached Gabbitas looking for support for finding the right school in the UK for her son, Joud. Below we share how we help their family every step of the way.     Haifa was extremely busy with work, so was looking for an organisation that could take care of everything and help… Read More »

How to Write the Perfect Personal Statement Workshop

Does your child know how to write the perfect personal statement when applying to a UK University? Are you worried about the looming 15th Jan deadline?   Attend our How to Write the Perfect Personal Statement Workshop on Sunday 17th December to gain expert advice on what to write in your personal statement. Don’t miss… Read More »

What are the education options at post 16?

Selecting the right education options at post 16 If your child is approaching 16, then you are going to faced with a key decision significantly impacting their future. Knowing which curriculum to take at post 16 could define which university choices they are able to study at a later date. So what are the options?… Read More »

British Boarding School at 16 – the final two years

Benefits of British Boarding School at 16 Sixth form can be an absolutely transformative time in a young person’s life. They’re settling into the person they’re going to be, working towards the toughest exams they’ve faced to date, and at the same time they are making vitally important decisions about their future that will affect… Read More »