Education in the UK

The King’s School Canterbury

“Our aim is to anchor a 21st century education within the illustrious history of the oldest school in the country”  The King's School Canterbury website As one of the country’s leading co-ed boarding schools, located in the beautiful surroundings of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Canterbury Cathedral, we look at what makes The King’s… Read More »

The challenge of getting into London schools

The fabled stories of fathers rushing from the maternity ward to drop off the application at the favoured school is less of a story and more of a reality. In this blog, Sophie Oakes looks at some of the key challenges when trying to get into London schools. School spaces have always been at a… Read More »

Harrow School Profile

“Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Sir Winston Churchill, Speech, 1941, Harrow School As one of the few last remaining all boys’… Read More »

UKiset Benefits: Where does your child fit in relation to their UK peers?

Are you concerned about where your child fits academically compared to their UK peers? We share how UKiset can help you find out where they fit on an international level. As a parent of a child at school in the Middle East, it can be a challenge to know where your child fits when comparing… Read More »

Finding the right school in the UK

Haifa Al Khaifi approached Gabbitas looking for support for finding the right school in the UK for her son, Joud. Below we share how we help their family every step of the way.     Haifa was extremely busy with work, so was looking for an organisation that could take care of everything and help… Read More »

Westminster School Profile

“Where history shapes inquisitive minds. Where inquisitive minds shape history” As one of the leading academic schools in the UK, Westminster School is steeped in history, academic rigor and liberal values. In this school profile, we shine the spotlight on their exceptional examination results and unparalleled entrance figures into the top universities. History Founded in… Read More »

Wells Cathedral School

“Our core belief and motto, ‘esto quod es’ or ‘be what you are’, ties Wells Cathedral School together and is at the heart of a happy, stimulating environment where all our students can feel free to develop their talents, or discover new ones, as part of an accepting community where mistakes as a part of… Read More »

British Boarding School at 16 – the final two years

Benefits of British Boarding School at 16 Sixth form can be an absolutely transformative time in a young person’s life. They’re settling into the person they’re going to be, working towards the toughest exams they’ve faced to date, and at the same time they are making vitally important decisions about their future that will affect… Read More »

Royal Hospital School Profile

“Discovery, exploration and challenge remain at the heart of our educational values at the Royal Hospital School. We encourage our pupils to discover their passions and strengths. We also challenge them to be ambitious inside and beyond the classroom.”  The Royal Hospital School Profile The Royal Hospital School was founded in 1712 in order to… Read More »

Charterhouse School Profile

  Charterhouse is one of the schools that I am most regularly asked about when parents are considering a British education. Its reputation for academic excellence appeals to those with intellectual aspirations (27 Oxbridge places in 2017); the multiple academic options at 6th form (A Level, IB and Pre U) is a real attraction; its… Read More »