About Gabbitas

About Gabbitas

Gabbitas Educational Consultants Middle East

The global experts in education

Gabbitas Education Consultants Middle East are experts in the international education landscape, helping parents, schools and businesses solve a range of challenges in education.

Global expertise

Our team of consultants have regional and international experience and can advise you on the education landscape in any part of the world.

  • We take time to get to know our clients, from families and their children to schools and investors, in order to understand their needs to create tailored solutions.
  • We have a wide and detailed knowledge of the variations and complexities of education across the world.
  • We work closely with our partner offices across the world to ensure you have the most appropriate support.

Unrivalled relationships

We have well established relationships across a wide spectrum of schools, colleges and universities to help open the right doors for you in the education world.

  • We continuously invest in our relationships by visiting schools and engaging with teachers and the education community to ensure we are at the forefront of educational developments.
  • The team has a strong international network with a combined 50 years’ experience across the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Educational problem solvers

Gabbitas Education Middle East are equipped to help families, schools and businesses solve any education challenge they may encounter.

  • We have the expertise to advise on a range of issues including school and university entry, senior leadership team recruitment, tutoring and consultancy on school development.
  • We provide tailored services for every client depending on their needs and requirements.
  • Our team works tirelessly to solve any issue you may face in the education world.

Our History

Gabbitas Education is one of the most esteemed and respected educational consultancies in the world. Founded in 1873 as an agency for the recruitment of schoolmasters to English public school, many of Gabbitas’ first teachers and tutors went on to become household names, including  Evelyn Waugh, HG Wells, Sir Edward Elgar, Amy Johnson, Sir John Betjeman and, more recently, Stephen Fry.

Our Values

Heritage & Reputation

  • To keep true to our heritage and reputation by delivering expert services in education.

Integrity & Respect

  • To maintain the highest standards of integrity and respect and therefore long-term relationships with our clients and stakeholders.

Global Quality

  • To provide education services of the highest quality to a global network of students, parents, educators, schools and businesses.

Progressive Culture

  • To create opportunities for everyone to continue their journey in education, develop their skills, share their knowledge and contribute to the success of the business.

Equality & Diversity

  • To act fairly and ethically, and recognise diversity, to ensure access to opportunities for everyone.