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The word ‘consultant’ is synonymous with expertise, and in a nutshell, that sums up what we do at Gabbitas Education: we provide expertise and advice on all aspects of education. Expertise is built up slowly, over the course of a career, and our consultants’ experience span decades working in the field. Between them, there are few boarding schools in the UK that haven’t been visited, few Headmasters and Headmistresses of big schools who we haven’t met, even fewer schools in Dubai that are unknown quantities. Founded in 1873, we have had ample time to build up our expertise, drawing on the experience of generations of educators.

We help parents navigate their way through an unfamiliar educational landscape – whether here in the UAE, in the UK or even further afield – so that they can make confident choices about one of the most important decisions concerning their child’s future. We offer help and guidance every step of a child’s educational career, from choosing a nursery to working out which degree course a student might be well suited to.

We have all seen first-hand how a good teacher or an excellent school has the power to absolutely transform one’s life. We’re tremendously excited about many of the first-class schools and cutting-edge projects being developed in the region, and we are driven by our belief in the region’s potential. We make it our duty to connect with, get to know and support as many professionals involved in the world of education in the region as possible. We’re then well positioned to be able to make helpful introductions and connect people who have common aims and might be able to help each other.

Watch our timelapse showing the building of Arcadia Preparatory School in Dubai

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Considering sending your child to a British boarding school but not sure which one is the best fit? Relocating your family from the UK to the UAE? Nervous about navigating the waiting lists for the best schools in Dubai?

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We deliver a seamless relocation experience for your employees and their families by managing the process of school placement. Our established relationships mean we can open the right doors for your families here in the Middle East.

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Our insight into the market makes us well placed to advise schools on a range of strategic matters from staffing and pricing structures to recruitment and pre-inspection consultation.

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We provide expert consultancy to investors establishing schools, colleges and universities in the region. We deliver feasibility studies on all aspects of the education landscape, and advise on business decisions, from curriculum to staffing.

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