Gabbitas Educational Consultants

Gabbitas Education Middle East are global experts in education

We help parents, businesses, schools and investors solve any educational challenge.

  • We help you find the right school for your child anywhere in the world.
  • We give expert advice on choosing the right course and university, and help you through the application process.
  • We help new schools get established and we advise schools looking to improve their inspection results.
  • We assist investors and entrepreneurs wanting to work in the educational community.

Our experts have an in-depth understanding of the international and regional education landscape. We have unrivalled relationships within the education community, regularly visiting schools and engaging with teachers and leaders to ensure we are at the forefront of all developments within the sector.

We offer expert, unbiased advice to help guide our clients through the variations and complexities of education across the world.

We help:


Considering sending your child to a British boarding school but not sure which one is the best fit? Relocating your family from the UK to the UAE? Nervous about navigating the waiting lists for the best schools in Dubai? We cover all of this, and much more.

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We deliver a seamless relocation experience for your employees and their families by managing the process of school placement. Our established relationships across the education spectrum mean we can open the right doors for your families here in the Middle East.

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Our insight into the market makes us well placed to advise schools on a range of strategic matters from staffing and pricing structures to recruitment and pre-inspection consultation.

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We provide expert consultancy to investors establishing schools, colleges and universities in the region. Our unrivalled market insight allows us to deliver feasibility studies on all aspects of the education landscape, and advise on strategic business decisions, from curriculum to staffing.

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